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Become a COA Provider

Determine if you are a Single Education Activity (SEA) or a Provider Education Activity (PEA):

Single Education Activity (SEA)

A Single Education Activity shall be an educational program that will be provided once or ongoing by a single individual. Example: Individual educator.

Provider Education Activity (PEA)

A Provider Education Activity shall be an educational program that will be ongoing in a facility or provided at an industry event.

Example: Association meeting and/or educational conference.

NCEA COA Continuing Education Provider Statement

The NCEA Commission on Accreditation has approved this educational activity.

NCEA COA Submission of Documents

The application (with supporting documents) must be submitted electronically to the NCEA Commission on Accreditation office 60 calendar days prior to the date the activity is to be presented. Applications submitted later than the 90-day deadline will not be reviewed.

NCEA Continuing Education (CE) Approval

The NCEA CE approval is good for three (3) years from date of acceptance. (provided that no changes have occurred in the educational activity originally given approval) Within 90 days of expiration, a new application must be received to ensure CE activity credit. CEs cannot be awarded retroactively.

NCEA Provider Web Directory

NCEA Approved Providers will be provided with an online listing.

NCEA Continuing Education (CE)

A NCEA CE is 45 minutes of a learning activity, either classroom/theory or demonstration/practical, journal-based or web-based.

Determining NCEA CE

Minimum CE unit to be awarded is 1.0. After the first CE, no fractions of the 45-minute CE shall constitute a CE. For example, a 75 minute session will be calculated as 1.0 CE. No rounding up of minutes will be permitted. A 120 minute session will be calculated as 2.0 CE.

Time allowed for introductions, breaks and meals should not be included.

Table for determining CEs:

45 minutes = 1.0 90 minutes (1 hour, 30 minutes) = 2.0

135 minutes (2 hours, 15 minutes)= 3.0 180 minutes (3 hours) = 4.0

225 minutes (3 hours, 45 minutes)= 5.0 2 70 minutes (4 hours, 30 minutes) = 6.0

315 minutes( 5 hours, 15 minutes)= 7.0 360 minutes (6 hours) = 8.0

405 minutes (6 hours, 45 minutes)= 9.0


A NCEA CE Application is required to apply for NCEA CE approval of a continuing education program for either a Single Education Activity (SEA) or to obtain Provider Education Approval (PEA).

Application Fees

The application must be accompanied with the appropriate application fee.

NCEA Members     SEA $70         PEA$175

Non Members       SEA $150       PEA $350

Continuing Education Units

1- 5 CEs $150

6 – 12 CEs $250

13 – 20 CEs $350

21 – 30 CEs $450

31 – 50 CEs $550

51 or more CEs $650

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