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NCEA Certified Professionals California

Diane Buccola *Lifetime Award NCEA Certified
San Diego, CA

Becoming NCEA Certified is mandatory for any esthetician who wants to standout above the rest. It’s an investment not only in our own careers, but in the entire field of esthetics. I’m proud to join the ranks of NCEA Certified Professionals, who I consider the very best of the best.

Rossana M. Diaz 4/30/2023
Upland, CA

Obtaining my National Esthetician Certification–NCEA Certified credential improves your status in the field of skin care, and as a result it has helped my business. Clients and colleagues recognize that I have paid close attention to improving my skills and continuing my education. Having the NCEA Certification attracts people to your expertise.

Jessika Marie Evans 9/13/2020
San Diego, CA

I recently celebrated five year as sole proprietor of Jessika’s Aware skincare, and earning my National Esthetician Certification on the anniversary was a gift toward my vision. I am newly inspired to create professional workshops to offer through the NCEA Commission on Accreditation’s continuing education roster. Earning this certification has already motivated me to expand my office space in order to invite fellow Estheticians in for collaboration.

Diane L. Lipson 9/28/2021
Westlake Village, CA

I have a personal growth plan for each year. In addition to renewing my National Esthetician Certification, I became trained in Oncology Esthetics this year. They say that when you stop learning, you stop living. It is never too late to achieve your goals!

Ngoc Tham Hong Nguyen 4/17/2022
Menlo Park, CA

Rosemary Martinez 4/24/2019
Corona, CA

“For a Better You”

Ludivina Marquez  *Lifetime Award NCEA Certified
Monterey, CA

Barbara I. May
Joshua Tree, CA
As a military wife following a deployment and a military move from Japan to Florida, I was seeking a mobile, flexible and fulfilling occupation as an 1200-hour Esthetician. My instructor was NCEA Certified and shared the benefits of the certification with a military lifestyle and the varying state requirements. Thank you NCEA!

Keri R. McMillan 5/20/2023
Nipomo, CA

When I finally got to click “submit” after my test and read that I passed, the feeling was indescribable. All the hours of studying had paid off! Getting NCEA Certified was the boost I needed to keep my mind in the esthetics game during the pandemic. Thank you NCEA!

Shannon Marie Meder 3/30/2021
Stockton, CA

I’ve been an esthetician for almost 30 years with a strong commitment to continuing education. Becoming NCEA Certified signifies an entirely different echelon of professionals within our industry.

Jenifer Moore 8/5/2023
Grover Beach, CA

Yinghui Qiang 4/30/2021
Hayward, CA

Donna Thompson 1/16/2019
San Clemente, CA

When building your estheticians practice, the NCEA Certification will provide you the enhanced credibility you are seeking. With the NCEA Certification displayed for all to see, you are informing the public that you have gone above and beyond in your education and are committed to the field of skin care.

Waroros Thongruang 3/4/2019
Citrus Heights, CA

Melanie M. Trehan 4/3/2020
San Diego, CA

Many thanks to the NCEA and Susanne S. Warfield for supporting, guiding and caring about Estheticians in this amazing industry.

Christina Vaglio 10/1/2021
Temecula, CA

Even with the lifetime of experience, I’ve acquired in the industry, there is no getting around the fact that you must study for this test. The NCEA Training manual and webinars are certainly a helpful study source.

Amy Labuda Velten 5/19/2020
Beverly Hills, CA

“Being a NCEA Member and Nationally NCEA Certified has given me more professional respect in the medical esthetics world. Thank you NCEA!”

Jayne E. Ziv 3/29/2022
Oxnard, CA