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NCEA Certified Professionals California

Holly Anzalone-McGinnis 3/28/2017
Woodland Hills, CA

Going through the NCEA Certification program helped me tremendously in continuing my education. Attaining the NCEA Certified credential is helping me to help others achieve beautiful skin.

Sylvie Archenault 8/20/2019
Woodland Hills, CA

As a professional always seeking advancement in the Esthetic field and a CIDESCO diplomat, the research of Esthetic Standards and Principals has led me to pursue becoming NCEA Certified and share its visions among professionals.

Seamus Brandon Doyle 4/24/2019
San Francisco, CA

The NCEA Certification Program has taken me and my skills as an esthetician to the next level and allowed me to work more efficiently and with a greater sense of purpose and responsibility.

Diane Buccola 9/2/2019
Sacramento, CA

Becoming NCEA Certified is mandatory for any esthetician who wants to standout above the rest. It’s an investment not only in our own careers, but in the entire field of esthetics. I’m proud to join the ranks of NCEA Certified Professionals, who I consider the very best of the best.

Lorena Coello 6/11/2018
Fullerton, CA

Danielle Crawford 8/24/2018
Oakdale/Modesto, CA

Education beyond what is required by my state license is the business platform I have used from Day One and is the core concept of my business philosophy. Achieving NCEA Certification has boosted that platform to a higher level that helps set me apart and above any competition around me.

Sherry D. Davis, PhD 6/12/2013
Azusa, CA

Being an NCEA Certified Esthetician, Educator and professional has had a profound change in my life for the better. It is just as important to Estheticians for advanced training purposes, support from an association, as well as keeping members involved of changes in the industry and state regulations about the careers we all love. Being the best has only been enhanced from this training and membership. You cannot get the same or even similar benefits from other organizations. This is based on United States Standards, and job skills that are necessary in today’s workplace for Esthetic Professionals. I would want everyone I have ever taught, worked with, and trained in the skin care industry to become part of this elite organization, to better themselves and the profession overall.

Biljana Djordjevic 1/7/2012
Los Angeles, CA

Becoming NCEA Certified is the best thing I could do for my career. I have been offered a teaching job just because of that!

Jessika Marie Evans 9/13/2020
San Diego, CA

I recently celebrated five year as sole proprietor of Jessika’s Aware skincare, and earning my National Esthetician Certification on the anniversary was a gift toward my vision. I am newly inspired to create professional workshops to offer through the NCEA Commission on Accreditation’s continuing education roster. Earning this certification has already motivated me to expand my office space in order to invite fellow Estheticians in for collaboration.

Denise Gaston 5/23/2019
San Leandro, CA

Being a Licensed Esthetician and Educator, I have always been an advocate for continuing education. As a member of NCEA, becoming NCEA Certified, was a natural extension. It has helped my career and private practice tremendously. I am proud to be a NCEA Certified Professional.

Brianna Knight 12/07/2018
Fresno, CA

The NCEA Certification Program has truly changed my life. Allowing me the opportunity to educate others along with other NCEA professionals is phenomenal.

Angela M. Lafin 5/30/2011
San Diego, CA

Diane L. Lipson 9/28/2021
Encino, CA

I have a personal growth plan for each year. In addition to renewing my National Esthetician Certification, I became trained in Oncology Esthetics this year. They say that when you stop learning, you stop living. It is never too late to achieve your goals!

Nondy R. Llewellyn 3/26/2018
Bakersfield, CA

Having the opportunity to distinguish my professional abilities, both as an esthetics instructor and in my private practice ensures students and clients that they are receiving the latest in information and the best in service. thank you, NCEA for your effort on our behalf!

Rosemary Martinez 4/24/2019
Corona, CA

“for a Better You”

Ludivina Marquez  *Lifetime Award NCEA Certified
Monterey, CA

Shannon Marie Meder 3/30/2018
Stockton, CA

I’ve been an esthetician for almost 30 years with a strong commitment to continuing education. Becoming NCEA Certified signifies an entirely different echelon of professionals within our industry.

Amy Ouellette 10/16/2011
San Jose, CA

I am proud to say I am a NCEA Certified Esthetician & NCEA member. To become a NCEA certified esthetician and member would be something I highly recommended to all licensed estheticians who want to raise the standards in this field. It is an easy process as long as you do your studies and all the effort is well worth building a strong coalition of like minded professionals is very much needed and in the long run it will help all of us as a whole. To become certified helps to set the professions bar higher for yourself and others as a skin care professional.

Yinghui Qiang 4/30/2018
Hayward, CA

Donna Thompson 1/16/2019
San Clemente, CA

When building your estheticians practice, the NCEA Certification will provide you the enhanced credibility you are seeking. With the NCEA Certification displayed for all to see, you are informing the public that you have gone above and beyond in your education and are committed to the field of skin care.

Waroros Thongruang 3/4/2019
Citrus Heights, CA

Melanie M. Trehan 4/3/2020
San Diego, CA

Many thanks to the NCEA and Susanne S. Warfield for supporting, guiding and caring about Estheticians in this amazing industry.

Christina Vaglio 10/1/2021
Temecula, CA

Even with the lifetime of experience, I’ve acquired in the industry, there is no getting around the fact that you must study for this test. The NCEA Training manual and webinars are certainly a helpful study source.

Amy Labuda Velten 5/19/2020
Beverly Hills, CA

“Being a NCEA Member and Nationally NCEA Certified has given me more professional respect in the medical esthetics world. Thank you NCEA!”

Danielle Wachowski 4/29/2014
Sacramento, CA

Becoming NCEA Certified was essential to my career as an educator and role model. I’m privileged to be amongst the best, and commit to helping other estheticians acheive NCEA Certified status.

Jayne E. Ziv 3/29/2019
Oxnard, CA