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NCEA Certified Professionals Georgia

Traci A. Daly 10/12/2018
Atlanta, GA

Heather Davis 7/31/2018
Alpharetta, GA

Continuing education in the field of esthetics is of the upmost importance to show that skincare is much more than relaxation and “fluff.” NCEA provides me the knowledge to inform clients that this is a fact.

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck 4/16/2021
Marietta, GA
DermaEducation TV-DETV

The NCEA guidance for industry standards, statute for certification, code of ethics and overall structure of the association represent values that are synonymous with the character and leadership of the top professionals in our industry.

Caletha Malone 8/30/2016
Conyers, GA

Kelly A. Ramirez 7/12/2016
Valdosta, GA

Kelly A. Wolcott 9/30/2019
Buford, GA

Completing this certification allows me to know that my knowledge and skill set matches a more aggressive standard. Basic training in no sufficient to meet the demands of our industry. Being the best professional possible is worth the effort and brings much needed integrity to our profession.