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NCEA Certified Professionals
New York

Michele Chick 8/5/2022
Brockport, NY

Skin care is such a competitive field, and now that I am NCEA Certified, it sets me apart from other Estheticians. I feel this certification is important as it raises the bar for this profession making our field more advanced. I am proud to be part of the NCEA.

Naaz Rasheed 5/13/2020
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

Being a Licensed Esthetician Instructor in New York States, I always felt the industry needed better representation. With this National Certification I hope to raise the bar of our great industyr/tribe by motivating my students and co-workers!

Rhiannon Terese 10/25/2022
Bronx, NY

Being NCEA Certified allows me to demonstrate success, gain a competitive edge and keep up with the latest technologies and trends in the skin care industry.