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NCEA Certified Professionals
North Carolina

Hannah Fitch Allen 10/20/23
Burlington, NC

I am proud to be a Licensed Esthetician, successfully practicing for 15 years. It is imperative to stay up-to-date and with advanced training. I look forward to providing my clients and future clients with the highest quality service possible as a NCEA Certified professional.

Jasmine Fedoriv 9/23/22
Kill Devil Hills, NC

Proud to be NCEA Certified! I know now that I’ll have great accomplishments throughout my career.

Melissa McCartney 7/30/2023
Charlotte, NC

After being an Esthetician for 10 years, I am very happy to have completed my National Esthetician Certification–NCEA Certified credential. I feel like it takes my knowledge and skills to the next level!

Jamie Lynn Page 7/24/2023
Greensboro, NC

Being NCEA Certified has given me the confidence, qualifications, and knowledge to advance my career in medical aesthetic treatments.
I am excited to a part of this elite group of Estheticians.

Danielle Spohr 8/28/2020
Garner, NC

I was so glad I dedicate the time to study and take the NCEA exam. I gained a wealth of knowledge and have people through the organization who have helped me grow in the field of Esthetics.

Carol Zoller 10/15/2021
Charlotte, NC

Thank you NCEA for giving me the opportunity to set myself apart from other esthetician. Knowledge inspires confidence and these two qualities generate client trust. The NCEA Certification program was comprehensive & informative and I am proud to be a member.