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NCEA Certified Professionals Oregon

Sandra Cragun 3/07/2016
Eugene, OR

Becoming NCEA Certified was a way for me to further demonstrate that my knowledge and professionalism about skin care is top notch. It is important to me that my clients have a standard they can look to in order to feel secure in my services, and becoming certified was an important part of providing that assurance.

Judith Culp 4/14/2017
Eugene, OR

NCEA Certification raises the bar for estheticians to demonstrate their education and expertise using state of the art modalities and ensuring client safety is at the heart of every procedure. I am proud to help lead the way and encourage others to join us via their own certification.

Angelena Iannuzzo 6/15/2012
Eugene, OR

Julie Iverson 2/21/2014
Eugene, OR

Karen Keady 4/24/2012
Sisters, OR

Being an NCEA Certified Esthetician is an opportunity for growth in knowledge, for skin care excellence.

Ingeborg Anna Kolar 8/20/2011
Albany, OR

Being NCEA Certified first of all, enhances my confidence. I can rely on having a support system. Secondly, I use the NCEA Certified logo on all my promotional material, including my business sign and display ad on a local city bus. My clients have increased confidence in me, realizing that I continue my education and keep abreast with latest developments. They respect me as a professional. I believe in client education, and the same information that I gave to clients before becoming NCEA Certified – is now being accepted without reservation. Thirdly,being certified distinguishes me from my competition. I highly recommend becoming NCEA Certified.

Brianna LaFerla 10/26/2012
Newport, OR

I highly recommend becoming NCEA Certified! Continued education is paramount for our ever changing skin care industry! Our client’s deserve nothing short of the very best.

Heidi Morrill 4/22/2012
Keizer, OR

Robin D. Morton 11/5/2014
Salem, OR

Mary Nielsen 4/25/2016
Tigard, OR

Attaining the NCEA Certified credential was important to me professionally and personally. Professionally, clients can have confidence in my abilities and personally, I can have confidence that my knowledge has be validated.

Elizabeth Pasko 1/22/2017
Portland, OR

Charlene Rodrigues 1/4/2013
Eugene, OR

Arlene V. Sage 11/17/2013
Springfield, OR

Cynthia Shaw 8/12/2012
Eugene, OR

Kelly Lynn Tryon 8/5/2012
Oregon, OR