NCEA Certified Professionals Virginia

Dannah Boston 11/10/2023
Charlottseville, VA
[email protected]

Becoming an esthetician to me doesn’t stop at licensing. You’ve entered into a career long education for not just your own benefit but also to provide an education to your clients. Becoming NCEA Certified is a foundational mark in that direction, setting standards for the esthetics industry nationally not just state specific. This knowledge and accreditation shows how much you value a high level of value in what you provide to your clients and your business. 

Sarah E. Burchett 6/16/2024
Richmond, VA
[email protected]

Continuing your education is one of the most important things you can do for your career. The NCEA Certified credential provides a standardized benchmark of knowledge and expertise that makes you more valuable to your patients and future employers.

Katie Ghazzar 7/26/2024
Ashburn, VA
[email protected]

I was the first candidate in Northern Virginia to use online proctoring launched July 1st, 2017 by NCEA, which I really recommend. I’m so proud of my achievement and accomplishing the National NCEA Certified credential. This certification will ensure me a position of high excellence and standards in my career. My goal is one day I will be able to help and train other new estheticians.

Amia Nassir Voorhees 11/2/2024
Virginia Beach, VA
[email protected]

The amount of pride I have from becoming NCEA Certified is immeasurable. This certification is voluntary, but the information and knowledge I’ve obtained is necessary and priceless as an Esthetician. I look forward to being a role model and advocate to raise industry standards in the esthetics profession.