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NCEA Certified Professionals Virginia

Sarah E. Burchett 6/16/2020
Richmond, VA

Kristi Dodson 2/11/2015
Greenbackville, VA

NCEA has been an invaluable resource for me in furthering my education and obtaining an advanced credential. Because of the educational value afforded me through the NCEA Certification program, I was able to use that to receive my Master Esthetics License in both D.C. & Virginia. Susanne Warfield graciously advocated on my behalf, at times guiding me through the certification; licensing processes over the past few years. Her dedication to the esthetics industry is commendable; her loyalty to higher standards in esthetics education makes NCEA credentialing well worth it.

Katie Ghazzar 7/26/2020
Ashburn, VA

I was the first candidate in Northern Virginia to use online proctoring launched July 1st, 2017 by NCEA, which I really recommend. I’m so proud of my achievement and accomplishing the National NCEA Certified credential. This certification will ensure me a position of high excellence and standards in my career. My goal is one day I will be able to help and train other new estheticians.

Shari Primm Melillo 4/13/2014
Smithville, VA

NCEA certification helps raise standards of this ever-changing and exciting profession. Proud to be NCEA certified and among the most qualified in the field. Thanks Susanne!

Shari L. Weniger 7/2/2012
Newport News, VA

Establishing myself as a NCEA Certified professional helps to set me apart-the best of the best