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National Esthetician Certification Overview

The NCEA Certified credential awarded to a skin care professional that has met the competency standards as set-forth by NCEA and pass the National Esthetician Certification exam. It represents the highest skin care credential available in the United States and adherence to the code of ethics of the profession.

National Esthetician Certification Overview

The path to get your NATIONAL ESTHETICIAN CERTIFICATION begins with purchasing the TRAINING MANUAL. Start the CANDIDATE APPLICATION requirements while working on the manual. In about 4-6 weeks, your Candidate Application should be ready to send in. After receiving your AUTHORIZATION-TO-TEST (ATT)  take your exam within 60 days.

STEP 1 – Purchase Training Manual and start the Candidate Application requirements while working on the manual.

STEP 2 – Send in your Candidate Application and get your Authorization-to-Test (ATT)

STEP 3 – Call and schedule your exam within 15 days of receipt of your ATT and take your exam within 60 days.

WHY Become NCEA Certified?

The purpose of the NCEA national credentialing program is to elevate the credibility and professionalism of Estheticians. Standardization of educational requirements provided within the NCEA Certification Program support mobility of the skin care professional State-to-State and Internationally. The credential uses best practices to assure that each candidate is competent and to ensure that the public health, safety and welfare will be reasonably protected.

Other Reasons To Become Certified

Certification shows your dedication to being the best you can be. Receiving your NCEA Certfied credential demonstrates to your clients, peers, and to yourself, that you have met the National Standards set by your professional association.

Certification helps to identify & control risks for the consumer. Voluntary certification promotes your growth and advancement. This further distinguishes you as an example of excellence with the desire to provide the best client care possible.

Certification demonstrates knowledge and comprehension. Completion of the NCEA Certification Training Program shows personal competence by confirming self-study proficiency and knowledge, through the use of Study Objectives, Self Assessments, and Knowledge Reviews that enhance the learning experience.

Certification better prepares the skin care professional for today’s job market. The NCEA Certified professional is a leader. It provides you with tools to anticipate and respond to changes. With your credential, you will be better equipped to respond to the constantly changing demands and advances within our profession.

National certification can contribute to greater income potential. As an NCEA Certified skin care professional you will be a greater asset to your employer, as you will have an increased sense of pride and self-actualization. If you are self-employed, your accomplishment in achieving this certification validates your commitment towards professional development that can contribute to greater income potential.

SETTING YOU APART…by becoming NCEA Certified, you are voluntarily raising the standards for the skin care industry. Your NCEA certification will set you apart as a industry leader and foster NCEA’s goal of raising the educational standards of skin care in the United States and globally.

Here Are Some Additional Pointers

Start now to identify any weaknesses in your current skills and knowledge.
Candidates often get discouraged in their ability to recall previously-learned knowledge that needs to be drawn upon for success. Be honest with yourself – you know whether or not you’ve understood the scientific basis for a treatment or the skin type classification characteristics. You know what areas you are confident in, and those that you are not. Begin immediately to revisit your basic understanding of the principles and this will build your foundation towards successful completion of this national credential.

Use Each Section’s Study Objectives & Self-Assessments to Guide Your Learning

Sometimes candidates rush through the sections believing that they don’t need to underline or highlight each Study Objective as they find it in the text. Skimming through the section and not checking their learning against the objective, can lead to difficulty in mastering future course materials. Taking the Sefl-Assessments quizzes will help to confirm that you are committing the new information to your long-term memory.

Discuss and Question

Whether attending a NCEA Approved Training Facility or working with a NCEA Trainer, the expectation of one-way learning often results in difficulties. Asking yourself the questions posed after each section Scenario is a skill in and of itself. You are not simply learning facts and skills, but developing the scientific basis from which to make your own opinion and come to a decision on a situation, i.e. identifying a precaution  or contraindication for treatment. Developing your own judgment skills is an essential tool for your success in today’s skin care industry.

Use All the Tools at Your Disposal

The NCEA Certification Program utilizes NCEA Job Tasks that have been developed over several years. It is by far, the most comprehensive and diverse set of skills in the industry. Utilizing the manual as directed, attending NCEA Approved Training Facility or working with a NCEA Trainer,  all lead to successful learning. When a candidate has difficulty learning, more often than not, it’s because the candidate did not use all of the program materials available to them.

NCEA Trainers and Approved Training Facilities are excellent ways to develop a nurturing mentor relationship with your instructor, it also involves more interaction than a candidate using only the self-study method. Neither is better or worse, but one thing is for sure–you must recognize that it will take a commitment!