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Recertification Application
& Lifetime Award


The results are in! For the past three years, NCEA has been sending out surveys with Recertification Credentials asking them how long the National Esthetician Certification should require the recertification requirements. The answer: Three times for a total of twelve years

1. Candidate must meet a, b, c or d:

a) Current ESTHETICIAN or MASTER LICENSE (attach copy)
b) Current COSMETOLOGY LICENSE (attach copy)
d) OTHER PROFESSIONAL with Recertification Recommendation

Note: Some states do not allow copying of licenses, therefore you will need to provide a notarized document.

2. Current CPR/AED/First Aid Certification (attach copy)

To meet the CPR/AED/First Aid requirements on the NCEA Certified Candidate’s Application and Recertification Candidate’s Application, candidates are required to attend an in-person class once every five years.


Check with your local first aid or fire department. Some of these programs may be offered as a community service in your area.

3. Current NCEA Individual Membership Certificate (attach copy)
4. Current NCEA Certified CredentialCertificate (attach copy)
5. Current Proof of Insurance Certificate* (attach copy)

*Not currently working with clients? Attach Statement of Professional Insurance

6. Two (2) passport size professional photos.

 Print your full name on back of both photos.

7. RECERTIFICATION SECTION (attach Knowledge Review from Recertification Section)

*Purchase one of the Recertification Sections below


*Completion of 12 COA-Approved units required every 3 years. A CE Program can only be submitted once.

9. Check made payable to NCEA Certified in the amount of $150.00.


NCEA ReCertification Sections

ReCertification is required three (3) years from the date of expiration on your NCEA Certified certificate. As a NCEA Certified professional you are responsible for completion of recertification requirements, including completion of a ReCertification Section. Each section can only be used once for Recertification.

The NCEA ReCertification Sections are interactive sections that will guide your learning and it will take a place in your professional library for future reference. Each section includes 30 Study Objectives, 3 Self Assessments. The Knowledge Review is to be attached to the Affidavit of Section Review Completion and attached to the Recertification Application.

1. Alternative Therapies

Sound Therapies

$49.95 (Click here to purchase now in .pdf)

2. Medical Esthetics

Medical Esthetic Career Opportunities
Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Medical Spa
Estheticians’ Role in Laser & Light Therapy

$49.95 (Click here to purchase now in .pdf)

3. Laser & Light Therapies

Laser Physics and Laser Safety
FDA Device Classification and Laser Hazard Classes
Client Medical & Lifestyle History, Consultation, Documentation and Skin Evaluation

$49.95 (Click here to purchase now in .pdf)

4. Esthetic Technologies

Radio Frequency

$49.95 (Click here to purchase now in .pdf)