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Testing & Passing Your Exam

Online Proctoring  is here

As of July 1st, 2017, NCEA joined the ranks of colleges and universities, and can administer the NCEA Examination in the comfort of your own home or office. To review the content outline covered by the NCEA Certification exam, sample questions and answers, see the CANDIDATE INFORMATION BULLETIN. Passing the examination with a 75% or higher, earns you the NATIONAL ESTHETICIAN CERTIFICATIONNCEA Certified credential. You will receive a PASS or FAIL notice at the completion of your test and will receive your credential packet within 2 weeks.

If you FAIL, you will be allowed to re-test, contact NCEA executive offices for more information.

How to Advertise your NCEA Certified credential

You passed your exam and received your NCEA Certified credential packet.¬† Here’s what you do next:
  1. Hang your framed NCEA Certified credential & NCEA Membership certificate where all your clients (and prospective ones) will see it.
  2. Wear your NCEA Certified pin at all times on your work attire.
  3. Place the NCEA Membership & NCEA Certified logos on all of your printed business materials: cards, letterhead, etc.
  4. Email: Be sure to use your “licensed title” on your state license & NCEA Certified in your email signature line
  5. Website: When you return your PUBLICATION AUTHORIZATION FORM the quote you provide will appear on your state-specific page under FIND NCEA CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS. The NCEA Certified Logo on your website & linking to your quote.
  6. Social Media: Be sure to use your “licensed title” on your state license & that you are NCEA Certified
  7. Hashtag: #nceacertified in your social media posts