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The NCEA Certified credential is awarded to those who have achieved a passing score on the national exam that evaluates the Esthetician’s skills and knowledge at a 1200-hour competency level. The National Esthetician Certification is setting standards necessary for the growth of our profession, and provides an affordable pathway for endorsement and/or reciprocity, (exchanging your license) so you can move to another state with higher hours, and/or get an Advanced or Master Esthetician License. (in applicable states)

Attaining the National Esthetician Certification is the highest voluntary credential in the United States–raising the standards of our profession beyond entry-level licensure. The NCEA Certified credential signifies the value and credibility for consumers in determining the expertise and training of an Esthetician. The NCEA Certified credentialing exam provides a standardized, valid, legally defensible exam using psychometric principles.

Many states are now recognizing in rule or law that the NCEA Certified credential can be used for equivalency, thereby allowing the Esthetician to exchange their license in that state. (and saving the Estheticians $$ from going back to school.) By ensuring the Esthetician’s competency through the NCEA Certified credential, a state regulatory board can meet their mission of protecting the consumer, and keep Estheticians working in the profession they love. 


The path to get your National Esthetician Certification begins with a NCEA Individual Membership, then purchasing the TRAINING MANUAL. Start the CANDIDATE APPLICATION requirements while working on the manual. In about 4-6 weeks, your Candidate Application should be ready to send in. After receiving your AUTHORIZATION-TO-TEST (ATT)  take the proctored EXAM within 60 days in the comfort of your own home or office. The speed at which you progress through the course will depend upon your time, and completion of all candidate application requirements. 


Getting the NCEA Certified credential is not a “one-and-done certification.”  The National Esthetician Certification is setting standards necessary for the growth of our profession. These standards make us accountable for our decisions and actions, while maintaining competency during our career. Maintaining your NCEA Certified credential demonstrates your commitment to advancing competency standards, and promoting the best possible outcomes to minimize consumer risk.

Completing Advanced Recertifications continues your knowledge journey encompassing new technologies/services that will continually evolve in our profession. Your NCEA Certified credential and NCEA Membership support ongoing advocacy to help raise standards for all Estheticians in the United States.


“The NCEA made getting my Master Esthetician License in Washington so uncomplicated. Being a member, getting my NCEA Certified credential will motivate me to continue my education.”–Regan Jordan-Carney

Online Proctored Examinations

No more driving to a testing facility to sit for the National Esthetician Certification Exam! With a computer and a smart phone, you can test in the comfort of your home or office.


  • Provide educational activities that will increase the skin care professional’s knowledge, skills and competency.
  • Provide local, regional, national and international accredited educational activities, and learning opportunities.
  • Raise the standard of educational delivery methods and utilize faculty disclosure(s) to improve quality of educational activities.
  • To meet or exceed state regulatory board’s continuing education requirements for relicensure.
  • Provide state regulatory boards a quality commission on accreditation for skin care professionals.



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