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January 16, 2019, Ridgewood, NJ–The National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations is pleased to announce Dorothy McKinley Soressi has accepted the position of Director of Schools. Dorothy spent the last 13 years as Regional Vice President for Empire Education Group. Her responsibilities included educational compliance, curriculum development and she acted as a liaison with state education and licensing boards. With over 40 years of cumulative experience working as a Cosmetologist, then as an Esthetician Educator she is bringing a life’s worth of knowledge to this position. As an Academic Commissioner for the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences, (NACCAS) she gained extensive experience and understanding of the role of national standards of educational performance. Standardization of educational requirements provided within the NCEA Certification Program provide mobility of the licensee, and supports public health, safety and welfare. More

The NCEA Certified credential is awarded to those who have met the advanced training standards equivalent to a Master Esthetician license. Attaining the National Esthetician Certification is the highest voluntary credential in the United States–raising the standards of our profession beyond entry-level licensure. The NCEA Certified credential signifies the value and credibility for consumers in determining the expertise and training of an Esthetician.

“Because I have my NCEA Certified credential displayed in my office, on my website and business cards, my clients (and potential clients) know that I have gone above and beyond what my state license requires. I’m convinced that’s the reason I am successful!”– D. Buccola, San Diego, CA.



The path to get your National Esthetician Certification begins with purchasing the TRAINING MANUAL. Start the CANDIDATE APPLICATION requirements while working on the manual. In about 4-6 weeks, your Candidate Application should be ready to send in. After receiving your AUTHORIZATION-TO-TEST (ATT)  take your exam within 60 days in the comfort of your own home or office.

“Getting my NCEA National Certification separates me from other licensed professionals. It has taken my career to a new level and increased my earnings potential dramatically. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to get NCEA Certified.” – L. Taylor, Austin, TX.



Your NCEA Certified credential and NCEA Individual Membership need to be maintained in order for you to call yourself “NCEA Certified.” Every three years, you will need to re-certify to maintain your National Esthetician Certification. Learn more here

There can be no voice advocating for higher standards without you voluntarily maintaining your National Esthetician Certification! 


Membership in the NCEA Association has many benefits, but our primary mission is to help you PROTECT YOUR CAREER and EARNINGS POTENTIAL. We help our members stay informed of important changes in the industry and offer CONTINUING EDUCATION and NATIONAL CERTIFICATION that will increase your earnings potential.


  • Provide educational activities that will increase the skin care professional’s knowledge, skills and competency.
  • Provide local, regional, national and international accredited educational activities, and learning opportunities.
  • Raise the standard of educational delivery methods and utilize faculty disclosure(s) to improve quality of educational activities.
  • To meet or exceed state regulatory board’s continuing education requirements for relicensure.
  • Provide state regulatory boards a quality commission on accreditation for skin care professionals.


Four weeks after becoming NCEA Certified I was offered a great position in a medical spa as their Esthetician. They commended me on for getting Nationally Certified and continuing my education! The downside is that I am now being contacted through LinkedIn for other interesting positions!–K.L.Boutiller


NEW Recertification Section released – “Introduction to Oncology Esthetics” for NCEA Certified credential holders that need to renew their National Esthetician Certification or for Estheticians that want to know more about helping others.
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Online Proctored Examinations

No more driving to a testing facility to sit for the National Esthetician Certification Exam! With a computer and a smart phone, you can test in the comfort of your home or office.