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The National Esthetician Certification – NCEA Certified credential is awarded to an Esthetician (skin care professional) that has met the 1200-hour competency standards as set-forth by NCEA. It represents the highest skin care credential available in the United States. Certification and testing is key to increasing Esthetician Standards and Educating Legislators/State Regulatory Boards on the need for higher licensing standards. Attaining the NCEA Certified credential encompasses NCEA’s mission to raise standards with national credentialing and continuing education accreditation.


Your NCEA Certified credential (and NCEA Membership certificate) should be nicely framed and on the wall in your establishment,… right? Have you noticed that the credential expiration date has come and gone? It’s never to late to renew and there is no better time than to start right now. Maintaining your professional liability insurance, CPR/AED/First Aid certifications, 12 units of COA-Approved continuing education, NCEA Membership, and your state license, are all part of the professionalism that encompasses being NCEA Certified.

There can be no voice advocating for higher standards without you voluntarily maintaining your National Esthetician Certification! 


Help shape the future of your profession! Membership dues support the association’s efforts to advocate for the National Esthetician Certification and the National Clearing-House for Continuing Education.


  • Provide educational activities that will increase the skin care professional’s knowledge, skills and competency.
  • Provide local, regional, national and international accredited educational activities, and learning opportunities.
  • Raise the standard of educational delivery methods and utilize faculty disclosure(s) to improve quality of educational activities.
  • To meet or exceed state regulatory board’s continuing education requirements for relicensure.
  • Provide state regulatory boards a quality commission on accreditation for skin care professionals.


I was the first candidate in Northern Virginia to use online proctoring launched July 1st, 2017 by NCEA, which I really recommend. I’m so proud of my achievement and accomplishing the National NCEA Certified credential. This certification will ensure me a position of high excellence and standards in my career. My goal is one day I will be able to help and train other new estheticians.–K.Ghazzar


The results are in! For the past three years, NCEA has been sending out surveys with Recertification Credentials asking them how long the National Esthetician Certification should require the recertification requirements. The answer: Three times for a total of twelve years.

Online Proctored Examinations

No more driving to a testing facility to sit for the National Esthetician Certification Exam! With a computer and a smart phone, you can test in the comfort of your home or office.