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You passed your National Esthetician Certification exam, congrats!

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• UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA SITES – Use the NCEA Member Logo and NCEA Certified Logo AND link them
to the website


• FOLLOW US AND STAY CONNECTED on NCEA’S social media sites and use the hashtag: #NCEACertified #NCEACertifiedAlumni
#NationalEstheticianCertification interact with fellow estheticians

• Find “Your State Chapter” Esthetician’s FACEBOOK page here

• Find National Coalition Of Estheticians FACEBOOK Page here

• Find NCEA Certified’s INSTAGRAM here

• Find NCEA Certified LINKEDIN here and add into your PROFILE under Licenses & Certification – NCEA CERTIFIED with your credential ID and Expiration Date. Also add your STATE LICENSURE information

• FRAME AND HANG your NCEA Certified Credential and NCEA Membership Certificate where all your clients (and prospective ones)
will see it. We can do it for you here

• UPDATE YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURE and add “NCEA Certified” with logo

• UPDATE YOUR BUSINESS MATERIALS by adding “NCEA Certified” with logo on your business cards, letterheads, etc.

• PROVIDE A QUOTE AND RETURN the Publication Authorization Form to appear on your state-specific page – UNDER FIND NCEA Certified Professionals

• SHOW OFF your NCEA Certified pin every day at work and at industry events.

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