Candidate Information Bulletin


The NCEA joined the ranks of colleges and universities, and administers the NCEA Certification Exam in the comfort of your own home or office. This Candidate Information Bulletin includes the content outline covered by the NCEA Certification exam, sample questions and answers. The time allowed for the NCEA Certification Exam test is 90 minutes.

Passing the examination with a 75% or higher, earns you the NATIONAL ESTHETICIAN CERTIFICATION – NCEA Certified credential. You will receive a PASS or FAIL notice at the completion of your test and will receive your credential packet within 2 weeks.

If you FAIL, you will be allowed to re-test, contact NCEA executive offices for more information.

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Skin Sciences
30 Questions

◊ Anatomy & Physiology
◊ Skin Types
◊ Skin Conditions
◊ Classification Systems
◊ Health, Lifestyle & Nutrition
◊ Skin Diseases & Disorders
◊ Autoimmune Diseases

Skin Treatments Face & Body
25 Questions

◊ Client Consultation
◊ Client Medical & Lifestyle History
◊ Skin typing /classification
◊ Informed Consent Documentation
◊ Precautions/Contraindications to Treatment

Professional Treatments

◊ Exfoliation Methods
◊ Chemical
◊ Mechanical
◊ Laser & Light Therapy
◊ Resurfacing
◊ Permanent Hair Reduction
◊ Photodynamic Therapy
◊ Radiofrequency Technologies
◊ Light Emitting Diodes
◊ Ultrasound
◊ Microcurrent
◊ Body Treatments
◊ Lymphatic Drainage
◊ Manual
◊ Mechanical
◊ Water Treatments
◊ Camouflage Make-up

Medical Professional Interaction
25 Questions

◊ Dermatology
◊ Plastic Surgery
◊ Medical Spas
◊ Prescription Drugs/OTCs
◊ Medical Terminology
◊ Preoperative/Postoperative Care
◊ Wound Healing
◊ Cosmetic Procedures
◊ Injectables

Risk Management,
Professionalism & Business
20 Questions

Risk Management
◊ Legal Risk
◊ Client Health & Safety
◊ Personal Health & Safety
◊ First Aid
◊ Role Modeling/Ethics
◊ Professionalism
◊ Responsibilities
◊ Business Plan
◊ Marketing
◊ Retailing
◊ Equipment
◊ Policies & Procedures
◊ Industry Relations


The following sample questions are similar to those on the National NCEA Certification Written Examination. Each question is followed by four answer choices. Only one choice is correct. Correct answers are listed following the questions.

1. The basal layer of the skin is also known as the stratum:
a) germinativum
b) lucidum
c) germination
d) ganglion

2. Which type of cell produces histamines to reduce inflammation?
a) leukocyte
b) mast
c) fibroblast
d) elastin

3.Abscesses are caused by:
a) bacteria
b) viruses
c) fungi
d) injuries

4. How often should you review a client’s medical and lifestyle form?
a) before each treatment
b) once a month at the first visit
c) when the client asks you to

5. The purpose of exfoliation is to:
a) eliminate wrinkles
b) cleanse the skin
c) remove dead skin cells
d) hydrate the skin

6. Which branch of medicine deals with diseases and disorders of the hair?
a) dermatology
b) cosmetology
c) epidemiology
d) trichology

7. What source of collagen is used in Zyderm®?
a) cadaver
b) porcine
c) equine
d) bovine

8. A rhytidectomy is removal of:
a) skin tags
b) comedones and pustules
c) fat and skin
d) melanoma

9. Formulating a marketing strategy includes:
a) facility staffing and contracts
b) logistics and operations
c) risk management and insurance
d) communication and promotion

10. Representing your state licensure and knowing your scope of practice is an example of:
a) profitability
b) insurance
c) ethics
d) reciprocity

1. a)
2. b)
3. a)
4. a)
5. c)
6. a)
7. d)
8. c)
9. d)
10. c)


The references below were used to formulate the 100 questions that are found on the National NCEA Certification Exam. Thorough reviews of these texts are recommended.

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Download complete Candidate Information Bulletin here