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Completing the Application

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Eased Candidate Application in response to COVID-19 and social distancing/self-quarantines is still in effect through May 31st, 2021.

1. All Candidates are exempt from getting notarized documents. Include a copy of your Driver’s License for verification.
2. ONLINE CPR/AED/First Aid will be accepted. Click here for Online Class.
3. If you are unable to get a Passport photo, you can include a regular photo.


1. Candidate must have one of the following:

a) Current ESTHETICIAN LICENSE (attach notarized copy*

b) Current COSMETOLOGY LICENSE (attach notarized copy*)

c) LICENSED PROFESSIONAL (attach notarized copy*)

d) OTHER PROFESSIONAL with Employer Recommendation

                      *Each state has different NOTARY LAWS – Take the NOTE TO NOTARIES form with you to get document notarized


2. Current CPR/AED/First Aid Certification. (attach copy)

Check out classes with the American Red Cross or American Heart Association

Check if your State Regulatory Board requirements accept online CPR/AED/First Aid courses. You may also check with your local first aid or fire department to see if they are offered as a community service in your area.

3. Current NCEA Individual Membership Certificate. (attach copy)

Not a member? JOIN NOW

4. Current Proof of Insurance Certificate.* (attach copy)

*If you are not working or your position does not include client services use: Statement of Professional Insurance Form

5. Two (2) passport size professional photos.

Print your full name on back of both photos.

6. Knowledge Reviews

(tear out of Training Manual and attach – DO NOT TRIM EDGES)

7. Check made payable to NCEA Certified in the amount of $175.00*
*Not Applicable if you are using Payment Option 2 or Payment Option 3.


I authorize a review and verification of the enclosed documentation. I understand that I will receive my Authorization to Test (ATT) email, only if my records are complete.

MAIL TO: NCEA Records Verification, 484 Spring Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450-4624