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How Much Does the National Esthetician Certification Cost

How Much Does NCEA National Certification Cost?

Step 1 – NCEA Training Manual (includes s/h)                                  $114.00
Step 2 – Records Verification Fee                                                        $175.00
Step 3 – NCEA Certification Exam Fee                                                $375.00

Investment in your Future = $ 664


You can pay as you go for each Step of the Certification Program –OR– you can take advantage of the NCEA Installment Agreement plan that allows you to make six (6) equal installment payments of only $100 each with check or money order.

NO INTEREST – NO CREDITOR CALLS, and you will actually save $64!


Once the second payment of $100 is sent with the payment coupon, your NCEA Certification Training Manual will be shipped to the address on your application. Then make four (4) additional equal installment payments commencing on the 1st of each month until the principal balance of $600 is paid in full.

The Small Print

Your completed Candidate Application, with supporting documents must be received by the NCEA Executive Office prior to the last scheduled installment payment due date as per the Installment Agreement. That is five-months after the date of signing and returning the agreement with your first payment. Failure to do so, will result in forfeiture of all paid installment fees, and additional fees will be required to obtain your Authorization-to-Test (ATT) to take the exam.


If you decide to take a Prep Class to reinforce your knowledge and prepare for the examination, the  Approved Training Facility (ATF), NCEA Trainer or conference/event that you attend will charge a fee. This fee is set by the facility,  or conference/event management.

Some Prep Classes may also include FREE Records VerfIication (SAVINGS $175) and onsite testing. Be sure to check out the Prep Class Listings and confirm prior to attending what is included in the fee.

All Fees quoted in US Funds.