This directory of NCEA Certified Professionals encompasses those who have authorized NCEA to publish their data by completing the PUBLICATION AUTHORIZATION form.

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If you are a STATE BOARD/AGENCY OR EMPLOYER looking to verify an Esthetician’s credential – please request the candidate to provide the VERIFICATION OF CERTIFICATION form. The verification will be sealed and sent directly to the company/agency/state regulatory board requesting verification. No Exceptions.

PLEASE NOTE: No photocopy of the NCEA Certified credential should ever be accepted as verification by a state regulatory board, employer, or any other entity. NCEA accepts no responsibility for an individual that the NCEA has not correctly verified.


Olivia Duenas Alcala

I’m thrilled to know that I have gone above and beyond what my state license requires by getting my National Esthetician Certification–NCEA Certified credential. I want my clients to know that I always have their best interest and I will continue my education to better serve them.

Rachelle A. Ryer
Scottsdale, AZ

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.–Albert Einstein

Michaela L. Veltri

Our industry changes all the time. Getting my Advanced Recertification of my NCEA Certified credential helps me stay on top of my game. The day I stop learning will the day I stop practicing. Its a privilege to treat a client and my clients deserve nothing less.


Cynthia Steele

I’m please to have finished my 3rd recertification to maintain my NCEA Certified credential, and to be the President of the Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists (SPSSCS). I feel this certification is imperative to the health and safety of the public.


Diane L. Lipson
Indian Wells, CA

I started my skin care journey with achieving my Master Esthetician license in Utah, a became a certified medical assistant in California-where I call home. I am consistently educating myself each year. As the world turns, so does skincare and I have become a “Life Long Learner.”

Diane Buccola

Becoming NCEA Certified is mandatory for any esthetician who wants to standout above the rest. It’s an investment not only in our own careers, but in the entire field of esthetics. I’m proud to join the ranks of NCEA Certified Professionals, who I consider the very best of the best.

Rossana M. Diaz

Obtaining my National Esthetician Certification–NCEA Certified credential improves your status in the field of skin care, and as a result it has helped my business. Clients and colleagues recognize that I have paid close attention to improving my skills and continuing my education. Having the NCEA Certification attracts people to your expertise.


Crystal B. Anderson

Achieving this incredible NCEA Certified credential has been one of my favorite accomplishments. Setting a high Standard For Excellence in My industry has always been my #1 Goal. This program has allowed me to do that. I’m proud to represent NCEA and continue my career in esthetics. NCEA Rocks!

Suzanne Dennis

I became NCEA Certified because I wanted to launch the NCEA National Esthetician Certification program in my school to elevate standards in Colorado as well as the industry. Raising the educational standards in the esthetics industry is a very important goal for consumer safety, as well as my professional responsibility to continue to grow with the ever-changing world we live in.


Jila C. Clark

Receiving my National Esthetician Certification–NCEA Certified credential has been a crowning achievement as an esthetician of almost 20 years! My family and my mentor Kelly Cathcart have been an amazingly supportive and patient.

District of Columbia

Kathryn I. Kailian

Recently a representative/esthetician noted my expertise and inquired as to my background. She travels all over the country and meets many estheticians with varying knowledge of our field. I told her about my NCEA Certification and how the organization is striving to standardize esthetics across the country. Naturally, I encouraged her to join!

Phuong M. Luu

Working through the certification program, I improved my skills, and gained additional knowledge learning about advanced treatments. Now I am able to confidently provide my clients professional advice and treatments that meet their skincare needs.

Carmen Andrea White
Lake Worth Beach, FL

Achieving the NCEA Certified credential marks another milestone in my professional development. It has taken my knowledge and level of service to a higher level. I am happy to be NCEA Certified!


Carina Brooks-King

Becoming NCEA Certified and being able to display my credentials in my spa enables me to show my clients & my community that I care about them enough to father than the state requirements and that I take our profession seriously.

Sue. D. Power

I have completed many courses in skin care services, products and treatments. I am most proud of my NCEA Certification as it portrays my ethics, values, and dedication to providing only the best care for my clients.

Teri Prevatt
Roberto Carlos Rivera Rodriguez

Becoming a NCEA Certified Esthetician has been a fulfilling accomplishment because it elevates credibility and adds more seriousness to my practice and career.

Maureen C. Thacker
Kissimmee, FL

This is the Certification Program I have been looking for! It is designed for today’s professional, ensuring that those who are certified are up-to-date on all modern procedures and ingredients.

Elisa M. Valentin

I am incredibly proud to have become NCEA Certified, as this is a tremendous accomplishment in our industry.

Barbara Anderson
Green Cove Springs, FL

Finally, Estheticians have a professional credential – OUTSTANDING!


Heather Davis

Continuing education in the field of esthetics is of the upmost importance to show that skincare is much more than relaxation and “fluff.”

Gina Johnson

The National Esthetician Certification-NCEA Certified credential assures my clients that my commitment to education and professionals goes above and beyond state requirements.

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck
Marietta, GA

The NCEA guidance for industry standards, statute for certification, code of ethics and overall structure of the association represent values that are synonymous with the character and leadership of the top professionals in our industry.

Kelly A. Wolcott
Dunwoody, GA

Completing this certification allows me to know that my knowledge and skill set matches a more aggressive standard.


Valerie Garcia

Getting my National Esthetician Certification–NCEA Certified credential helped me to be the best esthetician I can be!


Victoria A. Prince

Obtaining the NCEA Certified credential has taught me so much about myself and my passion for the industry!


Crystal L. Wade

I have always had a desire to learn and share my knowledge with others, especially my clients.


Andrea Christine Sheehan

Becoming NCEA Certified has given me more confidence that I really am an expert in esthetics.


Brooke Ruch

I am so happy my esthetics teacher encouraged me to become NCEA Certified.

Susanne Siemonsen

It is an honor to be part of this organization.

Laura J. Toth

Studying and taking the NCEA exam was a great self-challenging during COVID.

Betty J. Wilder

In order to protect our profession, every esthetician should become NCEA Certified.


LeNae H. Guggenheim
Jennifer Verdini

It is a pleasure and a privilege to be NCEA Certified and a NCEA member.


Talley Davis


Kristal R. Baker

I feel it is an honor to be NCEA Certified.


Winalyn Bon Colletti

When I was young, I wanted to be somebody who could make people beautiful. I started to work in dermatology as an assistant and since then I have empowered myself through achieving the highest level of education and training to be the best I can ever be! Getting my National Esthetician Certification–NCEA Certified credential is the result!

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.”–Helen Keller


New Jersey

Joy Papaioannou

Achieving my NCEA Certified status has been a personal goal and now a professional accomplishment.

Susanne S. Warfield

Getting the National Esthetician Certification–NCEA Certified credential is how we as a profession can voluntarily raise our own standards. This is grassroots advocacy, and a process that every profession goes through in order to advocate for change. Be part of that change and get your National Certification-NCEA Certified credential!

New Mexico

Nora Medina
Las Cruces, New Mexico

In my state we don’t have a Master Esthetician license…yet.

New York

Jennifer L. Goldberg

Always striving to be the best I can be for my clients, friends & family. My education hasn’t stopped here! Getting my NCEA Certified credential has been a great achievement, and a stepping stone for a lifetime of learning. Never stop education yourself!

Jennifer Goldberg

Always striving to be the best I can be for my clients, friends & Fmaily.

Elizabeth Bonsignore

This National Certification helps to validate my achievement.

Crystal Cooper

With a passion for aesthetics,I became and NCEA Certified esthetician.

Stephanie Debes

“She believed she could, and so she did.”

Sue-Em Reynoso

Getting my National Esthetician Certification–NCEA Certified credential has built more of my confidence in my consultation, treatment plans and recommendations in my practice. The leverage that I have in the industry is far superior, especially during the pandemic, clients’ trust in your expertise and knowledge.

Kristen Vandyke

I value what the NCEA represents.

Brittany West

Becoming NCEA Certified was my first big step.

North Carolina

Danielle Spohr

I was so glad I dedicate the time to study and take the NCEA exam.

Carol Zoller

Thank you NCEA for giving me the opportunity to set myself apart.

Hannah Fitch Allen

I am proud to be a Licensed Esthetician.

Jasmine Fedoriv
Kill Devil Hills, NC

Proud to be NCEA Certified!

Bayyinah Muhammad

Becoming NCEA Certified during a global health crisis emphasized to me the importance of being excellent in my practice, while embodying the level of professionalism the public and esthetics industry deserves. This National Esthetician Certification keeps me accountable to exceeding standards outlined for the professional Esthetician. I’m excited and humbled to carry this distinction.

Jamie Lynn Axtell

Being NCEA Certified has given me the confidence, qualifications and knowledge to advance my career in medical aesthetic treatments. I am excited to a part of this elite group of Estheticians.

Chloe Savvides

Getting the National Esthetician Certification, in addition to my State License, has set me apart from my peers, and given me the advanced education to ensure for the most effective treatments. It gives my patients the confidence they are in good hands with a NCEA Certified professional!


Mallori DuVall

Being able to focus my energy on developing my professional credentials has been a dream of mine.


Melyn Bellatti

The NCEA Certification is the most rewarding credential.

Tonya R. Simmons


Charlene Rodrigues
Eugene, OR
Elise N. York

I wanted to become NCEA Certified to take my career beyond state licensure.


Jodi Braun

Getting my National Esthetician Certification and becoming NCEA was a goal for me.

Lori M. Murtagh

I chose to become NCEA Certified because esthetics is my passion.

Puerto Rico

Karonlinska Vega

What you focus on grows stronger.


Judieth A. Brack
Kerrville, TX

NCEA Certified IS the professional status awarded to a skin care professional.

Candice Renee Morrison

Becoming Nationally Certified with NCEA was the best thing I could’ve done for my career.


Darcy Debernarde


Sigrid Vayda
Woodstock, VT

As a licensed esthetician and esthetics instructor, it is my passion to inspire new estheticians.


Amia Nassir Voorhees
Virginia Beach, VA

The amount of pride I have from becoming NCEA Certified is immeasurable.  This certification is voluntary, but the information and knowledge I’ve obtained is necessary and priceless as an Esthetician. I look forward to being a role model and advocate to raise industry standards in the world of Esthetics.


Anna Anderson

Beyond grateful to be a part of the NCEA. I cannot wait to provide the most amazing services as well as share my knowledge to help clients with their skin care needs.

Madeline Janchenko
Seattle, WA

I am overjoyed to be NCEA Certified and a member of the National Coalition of Estheticians Association. I am confident that I can deliver the most exceptional service to my clients. I have the proper education and tools needed to continue to excel in the field of esthetics and excited to see what opportunities arise.

Madison Jo Ehrgott
Richland, WA

Becoming NCEA Certified and graduating from my esthetics program was both a blessing and necessary investment.I am beyond proud of achieving this credential and joining the ranks of NCEA Certified Professionals, who I consider represent the best of the best, and hold the highest standard in advanced esthetics training.

Kris Fisk
Royal City & Moses Lake, WA

Earning NCEA’s Lifetime Certification Award is an honor and a privilege. I passed the National Esthetician Certification exam in 2012 as a student at Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology. Renewing my certification with Advanced Study Sections, COA-Approved Continuing Education (CEs) requirements, allowed me to earn my NCEA Certified Lifetime Status. Maintaining my certification has given both my clients and myself, the confidence to know that I am practicing within my scope, elevating my skills, and following the Code of Ethics with our nation’s highest standards for skincare professionals.

Heather W. Herr
Clarkston, WA

When you are passionate about what you do in life, the I believe that you will fight harder to achieve more.

Tiffany St. John

I am beyond excited to now be a part of the National Coalition of Estheticians Association and be NCEA Certified! As a professional, I believe it is my duty to continue my education and knowledge for my clients.

Shauna Akin
Seattle, WA

I am proud and honored to be NCEA certified.

Alicia Barrera

As a Lifetime Award NCEA Certified Member, it is my privilege to be a part of an association.

Stephanie A. Bushaw
Vancouver, WA

After graduating from one of the top esthetics schools in my area, becoming NCEA Certified was the obvious choice.


Mary Steffan

I have been a cosmetologist in Wisconsin for over 20 year.