NCEA Certified Professionals Florida

Barbara Anderson 2/10/2025
Green Cove Springs, FL
[email protected]

Finally, Estheticians have a professional credential – OUTSTANDING!

Joan Barber 4/26/2022 – Retired
Wellington, FL
[email protected]

The NCEA certification provides credibility and raises the standard both to you personally as an individual and in general to the entire esthetic profession. Everyone is this industry should aspire to be a part of this elite association that advocates for higher standards and excellence.

Carina Brooks-King 2/22/2024
Apopka, FL
[email protected]

Becoming NCEA Certified and being able to display my credentials in my spa enables me to show my clients & my community that I care about them enough to father than the state requirements and that I take our profession seriously.

Ana Paula Medeiros Ford, 7/20/2023
West Palm Beach, FL
[email protected]

I’m a multiple licensed professional; esthetician and wellness coach with 16 years of practice and extensive experience in many different skin types and ethnicities; focusing on acne, face-lifting, eyelash artistry and  body treatments. As an NCEA Certified Esthetician, I intend to accomplish even more and continually learn new techniques.

Madeleine D. Faulhaber 7/22/2023
Hobe Sound, FL
[email protected]

I’m honored to be a member of the National Coalition of Estheticians! In Florida, Estheticians are only required to complete 200 hours of education to satisfy licensure requirements as of July 2020. The NCEA Certified credential assures my guests that my standards and commitment to education and professionalism go far beyond state requirements. The NCEA community has already enriched my life personally and professionally.

Carleen Murone 5/1/2023
Cape Coral, FL
[email protected]

I set the goal of getting my National Esthetician Certification when I started my career in esthetics. I wish I made the time to earn this certification sooner. My clients deserve the best I can give them and getting NCEA is one way to show them.

Kara Elizabeth Palachuk 7/14/2023
Ormond Beach, FL
[email protected]

My passion and motivation to obtain my NCEA Certified credential is fueled by the fact that I am able to care for and nurture others in a non medical setting, while still focusing on total wellness.

Sue. D. Power 9/14/2023
Hudson, FL
[email protected]

I have completed many courses in skin care services, products and treatments. I am most proud of my NCEA Certification as it portrays my ethics, values, and dedication to providing only the best care for my clients. My motto is “reaching your skincare goals together.”

Teri Prevatt *Lifetime Award
Jacksonville, FL
[email protected]

Roberto Carlos Rivera Rodriguez 6/27/2025
Fort Lauderdale, FL
[email protected]

Becoming a NCEA Certified Esthetician has been a fulfilling accomplishment because it elevates credibility and adds more seriousness to my practice and career. My goal is to provide high-quality service to clients, and with this and future training with NCEA, I will be able to do that and more.

Maureen C. Thacker *Lifetime Award
Kissimmee, FL
[email protected]

This is the Certification Program I have been looking for! It is designed for today’s professional, ensuring that those who are certified are up-to-date on all modern procedures and ingredients.

Elisa M. Valentin 1/5/2024
Tampa, FL
[email protected]

I am incredibly proud to have become NCEA Certified, as this is a tremendous accomplishment in our industry. This credential ensures that my clients received the absolute best in care, and that my expertise stands our above and beyond state licensing!

Shannon Waid, 8/26/2023
Ellenton, FL
[email protected]

Preparing for the NCEA certification allowed me to deep dive into the science and art of skincare. I was motivated to review research and techniques, and this helped me evolve my practice. It is the difference between following a recipe (skincare protocol), and writing my own recipes (original protocols).