NCEA Certified Professionals Maryland

Freida Francis 2/06/2021
Brutonsville, MD
[email protected]

I am truly grateful and thankful for my friend who told me about the NCEA Certification program. This program has expanded my knowledge to become a better esthetician.

Nathalie Louise Marchand 5/19/2022
Rockvile, MD
[email protected]

If we want to be  respected as licensed estheticians we should demand continuing education classes  to be mandatory  in order to keep our license. Proud to be a member and have the NCEA  certificate so I can show my clients I go the extra mile to stay ahead  in my career as a licensed esthetician.

Samantha Nice 8/9/2021
Annaopolis, MD
[email protected]

The NCEA Certification program was simply amazing! It offers a great review of material–motivates you to be a leader, expert and a representative of the industry.

Donna Real 7/20/2021
St Michaels, MD
[email protected]

Becoming NCEA Certified was a wonderful experience. The training manual is so well thought out, with essential information, it made studying fun and easy. Thank You!!

Brooke Ruch 4/9/2024
Annapolis, MD
[email protected]

I am so happy my esthetics teacher encouraged me to become NCEA Certified. I have learned so much and feel every esthetician should take this course. Thank you NCEA!

Susanne Siemonsen 6/05/2024
Bethesda, MD
[email protected]

It is an honor to be part of this organization. The NCEA has done an outstanding job representing Estheticians Nationwide. Knowing that they are out there fighting to protect my career and earning potential gives me a sense of comfort. Becoming a NCEA Certified Esthetician has made me a better professional with the highest skincare credentials available in the United States.

Sophia Tade 2/22/2022
Columbia, MD
[email protected]

So excited to have finally completed my NCEA Certification. I learned a lot through the process and look forward to the fabulous opportunities ahead. Thank you NCEA!

Laura J. Toth 4/1/2023
St. Michaels, MD
[email protected]

Studying and taking the NCEA exam was a great self-challenging during COVID. I was able to do something beneficial for myself during a time where we were all feeling helpless!

Betty J. Wilder 7/23/2023
Arnold, MD
[email protected]

In order to protect our profession, every esthetician should become NCEA Certified.