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NCEA Certified Professionals Massachusetts

LeNae H. Guggenheim 4/24/2020
Buzzards Bay, MA

Penelope A. Hoffman 3/30/2017
Lynn, MA

Recent clinical developments and scientific advances in the skin care industry have raised new challenges and created new opportunities for the discerning skin care professional.The NCEA Certification and training program is an invaluable tool in meeting those challenges and taking advantage of these opportunities. Thank you!

Katherine A. MacDonald 9/08/2019
Billerica, MA

I am honored to be a NCEA Member and a NCEA Certified professional. I take pride in my work and the committment I have to the clients and skin care industry.

Carol Marnelakis 6/24/2018
Chicopee, MA

Becoming NCEA Certified projects an image of commitment to the skin care industry and a high level of professionalism. It’s a distinguishing credential for an esthetician to possess. It fosters credibility and confidence in both employers and clients. NCEA Certification raised the bar for achieving and maintaining excellence.

Jennifer Verdini 11/6/2020
Holden, MA

It is a pleasure and a privilege to be NCEA Certified and a NCEA member. I will do my best to honor the esthetics industry by demonstrating leadership and delivering the highest quality of care and service.