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NCEA Certified Professionals Pennsylvania

Christy Brugger 5/2/2021
Pittsburgh, PA

With the increased saturation of our industry, I find it incredibly important to demonstrate in every way possible my commitment to the highest level of care for my clients. Becoming NCEA Certified is a valuable tool in raising standards.

Stephanie Freeman 4/21/2020
Sewickley, PA

Being an NCEA Certified professional has validated my professional abilities and proven I have achieved the national esthetician certification standards based on a 1200-hour competency examination. This credential is the only one of its kind to ensure continuing education requirements are in place through NCEA’s commission on accreditation, adherence of knowledge, up-to date standards and policies. Membership in the NCEA Association allows us to be advocates with our state legislatures and to recognize higher esthetician┬ástandards as NCEA Certified professionals. It is a great honor and privilege to achieve and become an NCEA Certified professional. I am inspired to become a NCEA Trainer and offer mentoring and guidance for other professionals to become┬áNCEA Certified professionals as well.

Lori M. Murtagh 5/1/2023
Cranberry Township, PA

I chose to become NCEA Certified because esthetics is my passion and I want the industry to grow in education and standards. Being certified offers many professional and educational benefits, but most important, is advocating to raise industry standards. I encourage other estheticians to follow suite and help this endeavor.