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NCEA Certified Professionals Texas

Judieth A. Brack *Lifetime Award
Kerrville, TX

NCEA Certified IS the professional status awarded to a skin care professional. I am very honored and overjoyed to have the highest skin care credential available in the USA. What a blessing and a honor to have acheived the NCEA Certified credential. The material was excellent and aplaud the raising of the bar for our industry.

Austine Mah 1/23/2014
Plano, TX

Being NCEA Certified has helped me maintain a level of excellence not only recognized by my clients, my peers and within my industry, but it has also allowed me to have a certification that a state regulatory board recognizes. Having moved from state to state for opportunities, the standardization of educational requirements provided within the NCEA Certification Program supports my mobility state-to-state and internationally as well. There is no other organization in the United States that is a coalition, an active group of skin care associations, schools, companies & individuals, that is united to establish standards and best practices for our industry by providing political representation for our profession to state legislators and licensing boards. NCEA is THE ORGANIZATION that allows me to distinguish myself as a leader in the industry.

Kathy Wright 6/11/2018
Wichita Falls, TX

I have been in the industry for many years. I must say that of all my achievements, I am most proud of getting the National Esthetician Certification and becoming NCEA Certified. I feel that it sets me apart from my competition, and lets my clients know that I have gone that extra mile.