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NCEA Certified Professionals Washington

Shawna Akin *Lifetime Award
Seattle, WA

I am proud and honored to be NCEA certified. From this, I provide, with confidence, the highest quality of care and take another step towards elevating industry standards.

Alicia Barrera *Lifetime Award
Kennewick, WA

As a Lifetime Award NCEA Certified Member and licensed Master Educator/Master Esthetician, it is my privilege to be a part of an association that is striving to meet the highest standards in skin care on a National Level. The NCEA Certification program has allowed me to share my advanced knowledge as a skin care professional. By raising industry standards through ongoing education and learning I have a platform for growth. Education is invaluable and knowledge is power!

Christina L. Coleman 3/10/2018
Yakima, WA

Juliette Chantale Sesaulniers-Smith 10/7/17
Seattle, WA

Jane Neville Dudik 9/15/2017
Vancouver, WA

I have taken a great many hours of continuing education since first being licensed as an esthetician. The information available in the NCEA Certification course surpasses anything else I have done. I am glad it is available and encourage everyone who is serious about their career to get nationally certified.

Kris Fisk 11/6/2018
Royal City, WA

Sheila Howe 12/1/2020
Seattle, WA

Mary Alice Johnson 6/2/2018
Burbank, WA

Veronica R. Leahy 8/29/2010
Arlington, WA

Thank you for all of the time and expertise put into creating this advanced certification program. This type of standard was greatly needed across the United States and is exceptionally well done!

Michelle Malmberg-Polanik 12/2/2017

Jeannette Ramos 10/24/2018
Kirkland, WA

Cindy Sharp Fisher 8/15/2017
Richland, WA

Joan Slattery 12/1/2017
Seattle, WA