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NCEA Certified Professionals Washington

Shawna Akin *Lifetime Certified Award
Seattle, WA

I am proud and honored to be NCEA certified. From this, I provide, with confidence, the highest quality of care and take another step towards elevating industry standards.

Alicia Barrera *Lifetime Certified Award
Kennewick, WA

As a Lifetime Award NCEA Certified Member and licensed Master Educator/Master Esthetician, it is my privilege to be a part of an association that is striving to meet the highest standards in skin care on a National Level. The NCEA Certification program has allowed me to share my advanced knowledge as a skin care professional. By raising industry standards through ongoing education and learning I have a platform for growth. Education is invaluable and knowledge is power!

Frida Nalova Emalange 7/18/2022
Bellingham, WA

Frida Emalange is a Nationally NCEA Certified and Master Esthetician. She is Founder/CEO of Zorganics Institute and serves as the Institute’s Director and primary educator.

Kris Fisk 11/6/2021
Royal City, WA

Tamara Rose Gonzalez 4/18/2021
Pasco, WA

Since finishing my National Esthetician Certification exam, I’ve been part of starting esthetics at Atomic Dermatology and already are at the point of expanding due to the volume of patients.

Sheila Howe 12/1/2020
Seattle, WA

Michelle Malmberg-Polanik 12/2/2020

Joan Slattery 12/1/2020
Seattle, WA